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‘Genshin Impact’ makes US$400million in two months just from mobile

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That’s about US$6million a day since release

Genshin Impact has made its developer miHoYo approximately US$400million since it was released in late September.

This is according to research from mobile app market intelligence firm Sensor Tower, which claims the wildly popular open-world RPG earned roughly US$393million from September 28 (its release date) to November 28. The firm also noted that about 30 per cent of the income comes from China, with Japan and the United States rounding out the top three with 25 and 19 per cent, respectively.

The figure places Genshin Impact as the second best revenue-generating mobile game of that time period, bested only by Honor Of Kings which raked in US$467million. The RPG also narrowly beat out battle royale shooter PUBG Mobile, which grossed US$384million.

That said however, Genshin Impact’s US$393million revenue only accounts for its earnings on mobile platforms such as iOS and Android. It doesn’t include income from its other available platforms, like PS4 and PC.

miHoYo previously laid out its roadmap for Genshin Impact’s future, with content updates set to drop every six weeks until at least February 2021. The developer also previously released a patch for the game that prevents players from taking too much environmental damage, especially for Pyro characters like Diluc and Klee.

In a four-and-a-half star review of Genshin Impact, NME’s Alan Wen described the game as “neither a cheap Breath Of The Wild clone nor a mere stop gap option for its sequel, but instead it’s very much its own unique thing.”

“Just from its opening chapter, you have a fantastic open world adventure that’s larger and more rewarding than most full-priced games,” he added. “With its charming cast of characters, deliciously inspired combat and more content updates coming on a regular basis, there’s no reason why you won’t keep returning to the wonderful world of Teyvat.”

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