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‘Genshin Impact’: new patch stops players burning themselves to death

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The world is safe for Klee and Diluc mains once more

miHoYo has released a new patch for Genshin Impact that will stop players from burning themselves alive.

The previous patch, which came as part of the game’s big 1.1 update, included a new damage scaling feature, which meant players took more environmental damage the higher their level was. It was supposed to provide a realistically challenging world for more experienced players, while not being too punishing for newcomers.

Unfortunately, this scaling was disastrous for Pyro fighters like Diluc and Klee. As they fought with explosive flames, they would often ignite the grass they were standing on. With increased environmental damage, the characters would take more damage than they dealt while standing in their own fire, powerless to stop their health from quickly being drained.

Even regular exploration and Pyro column activation became dangerous with this new environmental damage, as anything fiery became dangerous to use without risking burning yourself to death.

Klee was especially hindered by the update, as her chaotic style of launching fire bombs could set the whole battlefield alight. With Diluc thought of as the game’s best fighter and Klee the game’s most recent banner character, fans will likely be thankful this accidental self-immolation issue has now been patched out.

Mihoyo admitted the environmental damage had “become unnecessarily burdensome” with the update, and acted quickly to remove it.

Klee’s banner was also replaced during patch 1.1, making room for Tartaglia, or ‘Childe’, as he often goes by in the game.

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