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‘Genshin Impact’ set to receive 1.3 update in February

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1.3 will see the introduction of Xiao, a new Anemo Polearm user

Developer miHoYo have revealed that Genshin Impact‘s 1.3 update will come on on February 3.

The free-to-play open world adventure game continues to receive updates, with 1.3 adding a new seasonal event The Lantern Rite

The Rite will see players assisting Liyue’s locals with preparations of the festival, which takes place on the night of the first full moon of the year. The trailer below shows the beautiful event in progress:

Liyue will also have a street market packed with stalls and activities, as well as a new mini game in the form of Theatre Mechanicus, a tower defence game. All of the events promise rich rewards for players that take part.

The trailer also ends with a rundown of things that are coming soon, including the Five Flushes of Fortune quest which sees players take photos with a Kamera in order to solve a puzzle.

The world is also getting a few new events including Geovishaps to fight in the Liyue Harbour surroundings, and the Ley Line Overflow event will provide extra rewards for players who burn their resin at Ley Line Blossoms

Finally, 1.3 will see the introduction of Xiao, a new hero who is an Anemo Polearm user. There isn’t much concrete information on his abilities at the moment, but his ultimate, ‘Bane of all Evil’ is shown off in the trailer. The powerful move shows Xiao putting on a mask, and getting a huge buff to his attacks and AOE whilst taking damage over time.

Genshin Impact’s road map was revealed back in October 2020, and so far miHoYo have stuck to it firmly, releasing content as promised.

The free-to-play game was originally released in Septmeber 2020 on a wide range of platforms, and was downloaded over 17 million times.

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