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‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ adds new outfits from ‘God Of War’, ‘Bloodborne’ and more

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Aloy and Kratos are about to be big in Japan

Ghost Of Tsushima has added four new limited time costumes based on other first party Sony titles.

The outfits will be rewarded between now and January 15 to all players who complete a quest in the online multiplayer story mode, Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends. The four costumes available are from God Of War, Horizon: Zero Dawn, Shadow Of The Colossus, and Bloodborne.

Players will be given one outfit after completing a Legends quest, with each outfit corresponding to a specific class. In the main story mode, since you only play as Jin, there are no classes, only fighting stances which can be changed at will.

The online mode however is more specific. Players can choose to be Hunters, Samurai, Ronin, or Assassins, each with different abilities. Samurai and Assassins are both DPS classes, though Assassins are more stealthy. Hunters are ranged archers, while Ronin act as healers.

The God Of War skin is for Samurai, the Horizon: Zero Dawn skin for Hunters, the Shadow Of The Colossus skin for Assassins, and Bloodborne for the Ronin. Since only one quest is needed per class, Ghost Of Tsushima players will be able to unlock all four costumes fairly quickly.

Last month, PlayStation Worldwide Studios’ Hermen Hulst revealed that Ghost Of Tsushima was the “fastest selling” first party title in PS4 history. At The Game Awards, it lost out to fellow Sony title The Last Of Us Part II for Game Of The Year, but won the fan vote at the ceremony.

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