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‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ multiplayer mode launches today with new features

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New Game+ mode has also been added

Sucker Punch has released a new patch for Ghost Of Tsushima which adds the new multiplayer mode known as Legends.

Patch 1.12 is available today (October 16) for owners of the game and weighs in at around 10GB. The update adds the previously announced online mode, which allows co-op up to four players, as well as a number of new single-player missions.

The new multiplayer mode, called Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends, adds two-player story missions and four-player survival missions. An addition raid mode, a three-party adventure for four players, is set to launch in the coming weeks. Legends also comes with additional unlockable cosmetics and brand new trophies for players to obtain.

Watch the trailer for Legends below:

To access Legends, players will have to interact with a new character called Gyozen, who will appear in several of the game’s towns and villages. When approached, he will offer to tell you stories about the Ghosts and subsequently transport you into the multiplayer mode.

When players first enter Legends, they will be greeted with a short tutorial before given a choice of the class they wish to unlock first. As players progress through the multiplayer mode, they will be able to unlock more classes.

There are four classes available to choose from at launch. Samurai are built to tackle combat head on; Hunters are designed to attack from afar with ranged attacks; Ronin have the ability to revive teammates; and Assassins can issue a substantial amount of damage with a single attack.

As for single player content, the most notable addition is New Game+ mode, which will allow players to carry over all of Jin’s unlocked techniques, gear and vanity items to a new playthrough with increased difficulty. The new Ghost Flower merchant will also appear in the mode, where player can exchange flowers for cosmetics.

Finally, the patch fixes numerous issues in Ghost Of Tsushima. Game crashes have been fixed, numerous stability and performance issues have been rectified, gameplay adjustments have been made, and other minor fixes.

Ghost Of Tsushima is not the only game to recently receive a multiplayer update. Earlier this week, Beat Saber added competitive multiplayer, enabling players to challenge their friends online.

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