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‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ multiplayer mode will launch next week

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New single player features will also be added

Sucker Punch has announced that Ghost Of Tsushima’s multiplayer mode, known as Legends, will be released next week.

Built around various co-operative missions based in Japanese mythology, Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends will launch as a free update on October 16 for all players, alongside a few new single-player features.

Numerous two- and four-player missions will be available for users to jump into, pitting them against an onslaught of enemies as a team. In order to access the sleuth of missions, players will need to find a new character in Ghost Of Tsushima’s world. From here, the multiplayer lobby can be accessed to dive into the action.

Two mission types will be added when the mode launches: story and survival missions. Story missions are designed for two players and will include some unique narratives. Higher difficulties can be unlocked, and as players progress they will unlock new encounters, tougher enemies, bonus objectives and better rewards.

Survival missions are built for four players and will have groups facing waves of enemies. Blessings can be activated, which act as modifiers, gifting perks such as igniting enemies on fire or summoning a spirit bear. In the coming weeks, a Raid will also be incorporated, where squads of four will need higher levelled gear and will be set across a three-part adventure.

Check out the full announcement tweet below:

Four classes are available to dive into the mission set. Samurai can charge into battle, taking a ton of damage, Hunters can snipe enemies from afar, Ronin character can heal teammates and Assassins can deal deadly single attacks.

Ghost Of Tsushima will also be getting an array of single-player updates. New Game+ mode will allow players to bring their gear across into a new playthrough, a new Ghost Flower merchant will appear to purchase more armour dyes, and a fan requested feature added that enables the ability to create and swap between armour loadouts.

The game launched back in July and instantly became Sony’s fastest selling original intellectual property debut. It managed to knock aside Horizon Zero Dawn, which was the original title holder.

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