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‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ patch adds new difficulty and accessibility options

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Both easier and harder difficulty options are now available

Ghost Of Tsushima has received a patch which introduces with new difficulty levels and accessibility options.

Developer Sucker Punch laid out all the details on its site through a news post. Patch 1.05 will add numerous options for players to customise the experience to either make the game more difficult or easier, depending on their preference.

A new difficulty level titled “Lethal” will make both protagonist Jin and enemies in the world more deadly. They will also be more aggressive, detect the player faster and smaller offer parry windows.

For those who are finding the combat too challenging in Ghost Of Tsushima, options can be enabled to make the game less intense. Players will have more time to react and stealth will be generally be more forgiving.

Players will also be able to block a higher number of enemy attacks, however, some attacks will still need to be dodged. Players also won’t be attacked while healing, and if damaged, enemies will break away from their attack combo to give the player a chance to recuperate.

A host of accessibility options have also been incorporated including the ability to make text larger, switching off the speaker’s name when talking, and being able to change the colour of subtitles.

Sony recently congratulated Sucker Punch after Ghost Of Tsushima became the fastest selling original IP debut for the PS4. Over its first three days, the game managed to shift 2.4 million copies, beating Horizon Zero Dawn, which only managed to sell 2.6 million within its first two weeks.

The game has garnered both critical acclaim and praise from fans, with NME giving it four out of five stars, calling Ghost Of Tsushima “a serene samurai simulator” which “feels amazing to play”.

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