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‘Ghost Of Tsushima’ to receive multiplayer update later this year

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The new mode is said to have “an emphasis on cooperative combat and action”

Ghost Of Tsushima will be getting an update later this year which will add an online cooperative multiplayer mode, Sucker Punch has announced.

In a PlayStation Blog from senior game designer, Darren Bridges, details of the new update were outlined. The new multiplayer element is called Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends and will be free for all players. It is expected to release later this year, however no specific date has been mentioned.

Legends is said to be inspired from Japanese mythology and compared to the base game will be more focused on being “haunting and fantastical.” The mode will be completely separate and remain detached from the main story. Legends puts players into teams of two to four and will include multiple classes to choose from.

The Samurai, Hunter, Ronin and Assassin will be playable classes when the update launches. Each will come with their own abilities which will be revealed closer to launch.

As a team of two, players will embark on a series of combat focused Story missions that Bridges described as being “new magical twists that often require careful synchronization with your partner.”

Those in groups of four can tackle Survival missions and will incorporate some of the toughest enemies found in Ghost Of Tsushima, including a new enemy variant which will come equipped with supernatural powers for teams to overcome.

Groups who come out on top of Story and Survival missions will be prepared to take on Legends’ Raid, an adventure into a new realm that is said to include a “brutal, terrifying enemy.”

Check out the new trailer for Ghost Of Tsushima: Legends below.

Bridges ended the post by detailing that more information will be coming closer to the multiplayer launch, “including details on character classes, customization, and more.”

Sucker Punch has released multiple updates since the game launched last month (July). New difficulty options were added, giving players the opportunity to make the game either harder or easier.

Additionally, a further update was released which made improvements to gear such as the Traveler’s Attire, as well as bringing an array of new accessibility options such as making the in-game text larger.

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