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‘God Of War’ prequel comic ‘Fallen God’ arrives this March

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Find out what Kratos was up to in between ‘God Of War III’ and the 2018 game

Fans who have been clamouring for more about Kratos’ journey between the events of God Of War III and 2018’s God Of War will get their answers soon.

Dark Horse Comics has announced a March 10 release date for the first instalment of the God Of War prequel comic series, titled Fallen God. The comic will be set right after the events of God Of War III, following Kratos’ slaying of Zeus.

The comic book in the series will chronicle Kratos’ escape from Greece after he slays the Greek gods, battling his inner self on his journey to Norway. “Kratos rages against the one foe that has proven to be unconquerable – himself. But a war against oneself is unwinnable, and only invites madness,” reads the comics description.

It is currently unclear how many issues will be released for the series. God Of War: Fallen God #1 was originally scheduled to launch in June last year, but was postponed due to the coronavirus pandemic.

Santa Monica Studios is currently working on God Of War: Ragnarok, the long-awaited follow-up to the acclaimed 2018 reboot. The game was first announced during the PS5 console reveal showcase in September. Little is known of the game, although it is scheduled for release sometime this year.

The 2018 God Of War can currently be played in 1080p at 60fps on the PS5. The game also supports safe files transfers between the PS4 and PS5. Santa Monica Studios has also confirmed the same for God Of War III Remastered, which launched on the PS4 in 2015.

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