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‘Gotham Knights’ dev says game will not be “one story set over one night”

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The game’s four young heroes will develop and grow over time

Gotham Knights’ creative director has confirmed that the 2021 game will take place over a singular night like previous Arkham games, but one that requires players to return to it “again and again”.

Following the reveal of Gotham Knights, Sony Interactive Entertainment’s Gillen McAllister spoke to the game’s creative director Patrick Redding, who shed new light on the highly anticipated game. McAllister broke down what Redding had say on a new PlayStation blog post.

Set after the events of Arkham Knight, four of Batman’s protégés will have to pick up the responsibilities that he left behind. But the story will be spread over a longer timeline, as opposed to the previous Arkham games’ single-night stories.

The prolonged timeline in Gotham Knights will give its young heroes more chances to develop, both narratively as they adapt to a post-Batman world, and mechanically as gamers play out each hero’s path with upgrades.

“It’s not one story set over one night, but really about the mid to long term growth of the hero,” Redding said. “The game affords players a huge amount of growth and a huge amount of goal setting in an open world environment that they need to protect, that they need to go back to again and again.”

“It’s that idea of how this new guard of younger heroes – that are not Bruce Wayne, are not Batman – approach the problem of equipping and training themselves up, preparing and adapting for that next major threat, that next major menace that they’re going to need to combat?”

Redding also revealed that Gotham, its citizens, and villains will change over the course of the open-world RPG’s lifespan. “We want to make you feel all that work you’re investing into protecting Gotham City,” Redding added.

Villain Crimes will play out over multiple nights, with Redding describing the challenges as “a series of encounters where the player has to do a certain amount of legwork and detective work to hunt down the villain at the next major confrontation”.

Gotham Knights is set to release in 2021 on PC, PS4, PS5, Xbox One and Xbox Series X.

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