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‘Gran Turismo 7’ will “feel a bit nostalgic” according to game head

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The PS5 game will be going back to its roots

Gran Turismo 7 on the PS5 will be a return to earlier form, providing a more “full” experience, according to game head Kazunori Yamauchi.

The classic PlayStation racing game was subject to many changes in its most recent iteration as GT Sport. The game removed much of Gran Turismo’s usual extensive car collection and focused on a more online experience, providing background for further eSports competitions.

Yamauchi spoke with Japanese magazine Octane recently, and detailed what players should expect from Gran Turismo 7 as well as how much would be targeted at fans of the older games in the series.

“In Gran Turismo 7, while inheriting elements such as the [FIA] championships that were realised in Sport, we are going to go back to the full-volume of Gran Turismo 1 and 4, and providing the best Gran Turismo experience today. So for those who know the old Gran Turismo, I think it will feel a bit nostalgic.”

In an interview with The Guardian, PlayStation’s European VP Simon Rutter said that the next installment in the series would utilise as many of the PS5’s introductory technological advancements as possible. Yamauchi further complemented this with mention of ray-tracing on the upcoming game, alongside previously mentioned 3D sound and high-speed loading.

“In the evolution from PS4 to PS5, what we have been waiting for is the ability to realise real-time path tracing,” he said. “Path tracing, also known as ray tracing, is a CG simulation method that faithfully reflects the reflections and glare of a subject against a light source.

“It has been used in CG for movies for a long time, but the computational power required to run it in real time on a video game console has been hard to come by, and now with the PS5, we have finally surpassed it, which has greatly improved the expressive power.”

GT 7 is scheduled for release sometime in 2021, although no further specifics have yet been announced.

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