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‘Grand Theft Auto Online’ leak suggests ‘Manhunt’ content is coming

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Manhunt has not been seen since 2007 and was banned in several countries

A datamine suggests Grand Theft Auto Online might be getting content from one of Rockstar Games’ older titles, 2003 stealth horror game Manhunt.

Dataminer ‘Gypsy’ revealed on Twitter that there are files for a Manhunt-themed arcade cabinet in GTA Online’s data. There are also assets relating to a trophy and a gun connected to Manhunt, but nothing official has been revealed yet.

Judging from the state of the assets, this content is still a way off from being released. The gun lacks textures, the arcade cabinet is entirely grey, the trophy is unfinished, and the Manhunt arcade screens are all labelled “Placeholder.”

It could mean that this is an update Rockstar Games will release some time in 2021, or that these files are leftover code from an abandoned update. Rockstar is yet to comment on this leak.

The Manhunt franchise has not been seen since 2007’s Manhunt 2. The game was highly controversial, and was banned in Australia, Germany, South Korea, Malaysia, and New Zealand. Rockstar have since shifted focus onto their two biggest properties: Red Dead Redemption and Grand Theft Auto, which both feature popular and profitable online modes.

If and when this Manhunt cabinet appears, it will likely nod to Rockstar’s past rather than prepare for a full revival.

In other Grand Theft Auto news, The Cayo Perico Heist, the game’s biggest so far, launched on December 15.

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