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‘GTA Online’ challenges players to steal $100billion

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Not in real life, of course

Rockstar Games has challenged the entire GTA Online community to steal $100billion over the next week in exchange for some sweet new exclusives.

The Heist Challenge runs from November 12 to 18, and tasks all players with stealing a total of $100billion collectively in the lead-up to the “next evolution” of the game’s Heist gameplay. Players who participate in the challenge will be awarded with an exclusive new vehicle – but only if the cash goal is met.

In addition, players will also receive a special badge of honour for their efforts, even if the $100billion objective is not reached. The developer is also waving 75 per cent of the cost of Casino Heist Setup Fees until the end of the challenge, in order to get players to participate.

Read Rockstar’s announcement and learn more about the challenge below.

Besides the Heist Challenge, Rockstar Games is also giving all users who play GTA Online during the week of the challenge $1million GTA dollars. Players can claim the in-game currency after the challenge ends, from November 19 to 25.

Rockstar also previously announced that Grand Theft Auto V will be released for the PlayStation 5 in 2021. The game will also be “enhanced and expanded” for the next-gen console, Sony noted.

“With a range of technical improvements, visual upgrades and performance enhancements, GTA V and GTA Online will take full advantage of the PS5 hardware and its new features, making the game more beautiful and more responsive than ever,” it added.

Earlier this month, Take-Two Interactive, the parent company of popular video games studios like Rockstar Games, said that it believes it charges less than its games are worth. “We deliver the highest quality experiences in the business, and we charge much less for them than we believe they are worth to consumers,” said CEO Strauss Zelnick.

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