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Guerrilla Games releases Patch 1.02 for ‘Horizon Zero Dawn’ on PC

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It addresses some of the “more frustrating” crashes

Developer Guerrilla Games has released a new update for the PC port of Horizon Zero Dawn, which resolves a number of issues that players have been facing since launch.

Guerrilla Games took to Reddit to detail Patch 1.02, which is now available worldwide. “This patch aims to resolve some of the more frustrating crashes we’ve been seeing since launch. We are aware that there’s still unresolved issues based on your feedback, so please know that we continue to investigate and work on solutions,” it said.

The patch fixes an issue in which some players would crash during their first game boot when the ‘game optimisation’ screen is active and they ran out of disc space. An error where some players would crash during gameplay because of memory incorrectly being overwritten has also been corrected.

Other fixes include improved crash report flow and messaging. Each crash now includes an identifier that players can use to communicate with the developer’s Customer Support team. Guerrilla Games has also added more features to improve diagnostic data collection when submitting a crash report.

“If you continue to experience crashes after Patch 1.02, please send us your crash reports, or alternatively go here to report any other problems you may encounter,” Guerrilla Games added.

The PC version of the critically acclaimed PlayStation 4 exclusive game arrived on August 7, but was plagued by number of technical bugs.

Guerrilla Games is currently working on the game’s highly anticipated sequel, Horizon Forbidden West, for the upcoming PlayStation 5 console. The game does not have a release date yet, but is expected to land sometime in 2021. It is currently unclear if the sequel will be released on PC as well.

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