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‘Hades’ cross-save feature will be implemented after the game’s launch

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The feature was delayed to prevent postponing the release of the game

Supergiant Games has announced that the cross-save feature for its roguelike action role-playing game, Hades, will only be introduced post-launch.

The developer announced the news on Twitter, explaining its rationale for delaying the feature, which would have allowed players to share the same save game file across the PC and Nintendo Switch versions of Hades.

“Rather than postpone out v1.0 launch plans until the feature is complete, we’re going to introduce cross-save in an update later this year, after Hades v1.0 launches this fall,” it said in a statement.

Check out the full statement below.

“We recently announced we’re working on cross-saves for Hades, which will let our Early Access players transfer their save data to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. During our preparations for launch, we encountered some setbacks in the final testing of this feature” said Supergiant Games.

Since the announcement, several fans have questioned the delay on Twitter, asking why the feature is being delayed when the game has not received a launch date yet. “In our announcement, while we didn’t explicitly say so, we likely gave the impression the feature would be available at launch. So we wanted to be clear that we’re postponing the feature a bit,” the developer clarified.

Other concerns raised by players include saved games started before cross-save is implemented being overwritten after the feature is introduced. “We will definitely want to avoid that outcome. The game has multiple save slots, and cross-saves should handle conflict resolution… But we’re still sorting out these types of key details,” the developer noted.

Hades is currently available in Early Access via Steam on PC. For more information, click here.

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