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‘Hades’ finally receives cross-save feature three months after launch

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Players can now transfer their saved games between PC and Nintendo Switch

Supergiant Games’ award-winning roguelike action RPG, Hades, has finally received its cross-save feature.

The feature was originally supposed to be released alongside the game’s launch in September, but was later postponed to prevent delaying the entire game. Now, three months after its launch, the cross-saves are finally available on Nintendo Switch.

Although the feature works on both PC and Nintendo Switch, the feature can only be downloaded and enabled on Switch for it to work for the first time. Thereafter, players will be able to transfer their saved data seamlessly across the two platforms.

Upon downloading the update on the Switch, players can find the cross-saves tab in the main menu. From there, players will have to link either their Steam or Epic Games accounts. To transfer saved data, players will have to pause and quit the game on their Switch.

The announcement also notes that the update now includes various past improvements for PC to the Nintendo Switch version of the game. The last PC update, which was released on December 1, includes bug fixes such as Gorgon projectiles being destroyed using the Shield of Chaos, as well as upgrades to the Daedalus Hammer, and tweaks to Infernal Arms, Aspects, Abilities, Boons and Blessings.

In other Hades news, the game was awarded the Best Indie Game and Best Action Game at last week’s The Game Awards. Other big winners include The Last Of Us Part II, which clinched the Game Of The Year Award, and Among Us, which won Best Multiplayer.

Hades also clinched the number three spot in NME‘s 20 Best Games Of 2020 list, with Ewan Wilson praising the game for incorporating players’ death cycles into the narrative: “Dying on a run isn’t failure, but instead opens up more of the story and further develops your character and their relationships”.

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