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‘Halo 3: ODST Firefight’ is coming to ‘The Master Chief Collection’

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It’s set to release this summer

343 Industries has revealed the popular multiplayer mode Halo 3: ODST Firefight will be coming to Halo: The Master Chief Collection this summer.

The developer announced the news with a teaser that was posted on the official Halo YouTube channel. The trailer notes that “over time, Halo 3: ODST’s campaign & Halo: Reach were added” to Halo: The Master Chief Collection, before teasing that “one experience remains absent”.

It’s then revealed that Firefight mode will be coming this summer before providing glimpses of the game in action with in-game Xbox 360 footage. A specific launch date was not revealed.

Watch the teaser below.

Firefight is a horde mode which pits players against waves of increasingly more challenging enemies. The fights take place both on-foot and vehicular combat. There’s no limit to the amount of waves players can tackle, but the team is provided seven lives between them all until it’s game over.

343 Industries recently posted a job listing indicates that the developer is working on a new project in the Halo franchise. The listing states that the position is a chance to “develop a new project in the Halo universe”, indicating an entirely different project to their upcoming Halo Infinite.

Additionally, Halo Infinite is set be previewed during the July showcase of monthly Xbox 20/20 digital event. During the inaugural Xbox 20/20 event, Microsoft showed off gameplay for 13 games that are be headed to the upcoming Xbox Series X console this holiday season. The titles included Assassin’s Creed: Valhalla, Madden NFL 21 and Dirt 5.

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