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‘Halo Infinite’: 343 Industries says a “high level update” is coming soon

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The update could be held “within the next few weeks”

343 Industries has revealed that it is planning to hold “a high level update” for Halo Infinite soon.

During a weekly Halo Infinite discussion on the franchise’s Reddit, community director Brian Jarrard confirmed that the company will not be showcasing the game at the upcoming The Game Awards on December 10. “Full disclosure, we don’t have anything planned for the VGAs,” he wrote.

However, Jarrard also stated that the developer is “hoping to offer at least a high level update within the next few weeks so we can kind of restart this journey together after the holidays”. He also noted that preparing a demo or a showcase for the awards show would be a huge undertaking for the team and cause “challenges with current milestones of the holidays”.

Jarrard then assured Halo fans that 343 Industries is “going to make the most of this extra time and we want to make sure we can put our best for forward and commit to greater transparency and dialog on the road ahead”.

Read the full statement below.

Jarrad’s comment has since received a mixed reaction from Halo fans. Some have responded with more backlash, criticising the developer for their “meaningless words” and lack of transparency, while others have been more understanding and have thanked the team for their continued effort on the game.

Read some of the responses below.

Halo Infinite was initially planned to be a launch title for the Xbox Series X and S. However, the game has since been delayed to 2021, following weeks of critical and fan backlash following the game’s initial gameplay reveal.

The game also notably lost its director, Chris Lee, in late October, making him the third high-level executive to exit the project since 2019.

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