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‘Halo Infinite’ reportedly delayed further, dropping Xbox One support

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Development on ‘Halo Infinite’ is said to be “pretty messy”

Halo Infinite was recently announced to no longer be a launch title for the Xbox Series X and moving to 2021, however a new insider claims it could be delayed further with no Xbox One support.

The information was claimed by verified Resetera user Sponger, an industry insider who has previously revealed accurate information on other upcoming games.

According to Sponger, the information has been consolidated with various sources and that Microsoft and 343 Industries are “currently very busy with idea of dropping Xbox One support for Halo Infinite”. He also claimed that the “idea to postpone it to early 2022 is on the table”.

One of the reasons behind the delay is claimed to be that the Xbox One S version of Halo Infinite is incapable of running anywhere near 1080p, sometimes running lower than 900p, and “is having serious asset loading issues”.

A recent report suggested that Halo Infinite’s issues were caused due to a heavy amount of outsourcing, meaning elements of the game were sent to third-parties to complete. This was said to have “caused significant headaches.”

It was also suggested that the developer’s involvement with the upcoming Halo TV series was causing distractions at the studio. 343 Industries refuted rumours that development on the TV series has caused delays, but did not address the other issues that the report raised with Halo Infinite.

The game’s delay to 2021 was deemed necessary according to the developer, as it felt it needed extra time to “finish the critical work necessary to deliver the most ambitious Halo game ever.” An idea was thrown around to release the game in parts, but the thought was ultimately scrapped.

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