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Height of Lady Dimitrescu from ‘Resident Evil Village Maiden’ revealed by Capcom

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She is, in fact, tall

Fan speculation about Resident Evil Village Maiden‘s Lady Dimitrescu’s height is finally at an end with a revelation from Capcom confirming her measurements.

The official Resident Evil Twitter account posted a statement from the Resident Evil Village art director Tomonori Takano, revealing that the character is 2.9m (9’6”) tall. Given that the average human height according to Google is 1.6m tall, this makes fan theories about her size start to add up.

Some speculated that she may be a victim of awkward camera perspective [via PC Gamer] but that theory has been put to rest. The new character is the owner of Dimitrescu Castle in the Resident Evil Village Maiden demo on PS5.

The demo introduced some new concepts, removing all combat and blocking from the gameplay. The classic Resident Evil puzzle-solving is present as a forefront mechanic, but Maiden acts as a stand-alone experience.

According to Peter Fabiano, the producer of RE Village, “The ‘Maiden’ demo doesn’t take place during the main story of Resident Evil Village.

“‘Maiden’ was originally designed as a visual demo that would allow you to explore the inside of Dimitrescu Castle, but it evolved to include a short story and puzzle solving.”

The final game is scheduled for release on all consoles and PC in the spring, but the PS5 exclusive demo has already provided some backstory. Resident Evil Village will also include Re:Verse, a multiplayer mode added on to the full game with an all-new art style and gameplay.

The Complete Bundle, released on May 7, will include the full game, Re:Verse, and Resident Evil VII, which is already available to play.

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