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Hello Games latest title ‘The Last Campfire’ is out now

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‘The Last Campfire’ is from the team behind ‘No Man’s Sky’

Hello Games latest game The Last Campfire has finally arrived and is available for players to download now.

In The Last Campfire, players play as Ember, a lost soul who has to venture through a dark and mysterious world. Set around the themes of loss, hope and empathy, players will encounter others NPCs will have to choose whether they wish to help them or not. The game is said to be reminiscent of a storybook and as you travel throughout the world a narrator will tell the story.

The gameplay in The Last Campfire is built around puzzles and exploration, a first for the developer who outside of No Man’s Sky had only previously worked on the Joe Danger series. New skills will be learnt as Ember progresses throughout the world, including a flute which can manipulate the world around you, and a boat to sail throughout the world.

Check out the a short development commentary trailer below from Hello Games founder, Sean Murray:

Murray also mentioned how the world of The Last Campfire is a more hand-crafted experience to No Man’s Sky and as a result is “surprisingly large [and] challenging”. The game will come with an “explore mode for those who want to take in the world and talk to its inhabitants.”

The developer is best known for its work on No Man’s Sky, the procedurally generated sci-fi adventure which was released in 2016. The Last Campfire is a departure for the developer and is out now for PC, PS4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch and iOS devices.

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