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Hello Games releases patch notes for ‘No Man’s Sky: Origins’ update

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The latest update “doubles” the game’s variety

No Man Sky’s Origins update is finally live after being announced late last week, and its accompanying patch notes have been released.

Developer Hello Games took to its No Man’s Sky blog to detail the massive changes being implemented with the new Origins update, such as planetary, atmospheric and star system visuals, new weather effects, improved user interface, photomode and the debut of sandworms.

Check out the Origins update launch trailer below.

The game’s user interface has also received “a total visual overhaul”, which includes changes to the boot flow, all in-game menus and screens, the Analysis Visor, the space station and planetary base teleporters.

Origins also adds more realistic localized weather that acts like a real weather system, moving across and around the planet, instead of its current model of hitting the entire planet at once. Special weather events are being introduced as well, such as tornadoes and meteor showers.

The update also brings with it a slew of visual variations, with a large number of new plants, rocks and other objects being added added to each planet type. Clouds have also been reworked, to appropriately match the weather on a planet, and be more realistic.

Origins also adds a ton of bug fixes and improvements, including better control of the third-person camera on slopes, and balanced trade economies. Sandworms, which were first teased when the game was announced, have also finally been introduced into the game.

No Man’s Sky is currently available on PC, PS4 and Xbox One.

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