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‘Hello Neighbor’ sequel coming in 2021, will feature “self-learning AI”

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A free playable alpha version is currently available

American publisher tinyBuild has announced Hello Neighbor 2, the sequel to its 2017 hit survival stealth game Hello Neighbor

In the upcoming game, players will control Quinten, a journalist who is investigating a series of missing persons cases. His search eventually leads him back to the town of Raven Brooks, where the first Hello Neighbor was set, and to an abandoned house that’s now occupied by a strange bird monster.

Hello Neighbor 2 will feature a “self-learning AI” antagonist who “explores the environment and constantly seeks ways to ambush the player”. It will also learn from a player’s “navigation patterns” and emulate them if they “seem to be effective”.

The game will also feature an open world that changes upon a player’s actions. “There are no limitations and players can go anywhere from the beginning of the game. The AI protects its house when the player is trying to break in, and stalks the player when out in the open world,” tinyBuild added.

Watch the trailer for Hello Neighbor 2 below.

Hello Neighbor 2 will be released in 2021 for PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X. A free playable alpha build of the game is currently available via Steam or the game’s official website.

The game was announced during Microsoft’s Xbox Games Showcase on July 23. The event also featured the debut of a Psychonauts 2 trailer, a new Forza Motorsport and the first gameplay footage from Halo Infinite.

Last year, tinyBuild released Secret Neighbor, a multiplayer spin-off to Hello Neighbor. The game is an asymmetric survival horror in the vein of Dead By Daylight.

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