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Here’s a sneak peek at the new ‘Among Us’ map

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It’ll be fully revealed at The Game Awards 2020

Innersloth has dropped a sneak peak at an upcoming Among Us map via the game’s new official Twitter account.

The teaser image captures crewmates on what seems to be the cockpit of a vast spaceship set, with one character wearing a monocle and top hat, and the other dressed as a crew member. The navigation room also features a WiFi box for the Upload Data task and a vent in the middle for Impostors, alongside other screens that will likely feature new tasks as well.

The sneak peak was released to celebrate the launch of the official Among Us Twitter account, which went live yesterday (November 18). “Here’s a special look at the NEW Among Us map! (For your eyes only!!) (Don’t show the impostors!!),” the developer wrote.

Check out the tweet and the teaser image below.

A following tweet from the account suggested that the map will be fully revealed at The Games Awards 2020 on December 10. “Hungry for more? Keep an eye out for The Game Awards on Dec 10. It’s getting reaaaaal suspicious over there,” it added.

Innersloth had previously confirmed that it was working on a new Among Us map in the patch notes for its latest update. The patch added anonymous voting and colourblind support, as well as support for showing cosmetics during meetings.

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