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Here’s everything included in new ‘Immortals Fenyx Rising’ DLC

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Bringing the Trials of the Olympians to the game

Immortals Fenyx Rising is due to get an update on January 28, according to Ubisoft. The surprise announcement revealed a new area, gameplay mechanics, and upgrades.

The DLC, entitled A New God, will be available this week and will present a brand new trial for Fenyx to endure. Olympos Palace is available to explore as Fenyx attempts to appease the Gods through various trials utilising all-new gameplay mechanics.

Upon successful completion of the trials, Fenyx will be able to unlock four new upgrades for existing abilities, and a new gear set. The gear set will provide the player with an array of perks to assist them, including the ability to perform additional jumps.

In order to unlock this DLC in combination with upcoming additions, players will need to purchase a Season Pass. This is the first of many DLC updates to be brought to Immortals Fenyx Rising, with three more on the way. Although the Season Pass will allow access to all upcoming DLC additions, it will also be possible to purchase each one individually.

According to a post on the Ubisoft website, the upcoming Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC will introduce new characters, challenges, realms, and gameplay mechanics.

Ubisoft’s Twitter account revealed that a “short free demo” of the DLC is now available to anyone who owns the game across all platforms.

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