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Here’s how to track how much time you’ve spent playing ‘FIFA 21’

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The ‘FIFA 21’ Playtime feature lets players limit how long they play or how much they spend

EA Sports has announced a new feature for FIFA 21 called FIFA Playtime.

The feature lets players keep track of how long they’ve spent playing the game, how many FIFA Points they’ve purchased, and even set time limitations for gameplay.

The developer explained through a blogpost that the feature will give players an “overview of the amount of time you’ve spent in FIFA 21 and lets you set limits on how you play”, and that they will be able to “choose how many matches you can jump into, the amount of FIFA Points you purchase and the number of FUT Packs opened with FUT Coins or purchased with FIFA Points.”

“The integration of both tracking and limits in FIFA Playtime is grounded in research that shows that having access to more information helps players feel comfortable with how they play,” EA Sports added. “When combined with smart prompts to guide choices, players were able to better find a comfortable balance in their gaming.”

A dedicated FIFA Playtime website has been set up, and breaks down how players can go about utilising the feature. Players will be able to access the feature through the Online Settings tile in the Customise tab on the main FIFA 21 menu.

A FIFA 21 Companion App, and Web App are also being introduced on November 17 for those who wish to monitor their game consumption habits while away from their consoles or PCs. However, players will not be able to set limits on the Companion or Web apps. All limits will have to be set through the main game on PC or consoles.

An FAQ page also confirms that “FIFA Playtime does not differentiate between time spent actively playing matches and time spent in menus. All time spent with FIFA 21 open will count towards your ‘time spent’ duration”.

FIFA Points that are bought at retail stores or any other means outside of the game will not be displayed in FIFA Playtime until they have been redeemed through players’ FIFA accounts.

If players purchase FIFA Points outside of the game environment, those points will not be displayed in FIFA Playtime until the Points have been redeemed through players’ platform accounts.

The FIFA Playtime feature is now live for PC, but will arrive on PS4 and Xbox One on November 17. The PS5, Xbox Series S and Series X consoles are scheduled to receive the feature on December 4 when the next-gen versions of FIFA 21 are released.

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