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Here’s how to transfer data from PS4 to PS5

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Everything you need to know on how to best optimise your PS5

Sony has released a series of tutorial videos for the PlayStation 5 ahead of its launch next week.

The three clips were uploaded onto the PlayStation Support YouTube channel, each sharing helpful tips for gamers to get the most out of the upcoming console, such as transferring data between the PS4 and PS5, recommended settings for the PS5 and more.

The first video shows players how they can transfer their data and saved games from the PS4 to the PS5. Users can transfer data over a wifi connection, with the option to link the PS4 and PS5 together with an ethernet cable to speed up the process.

Players who own physical copies of PS4 games also have to option to install games by simply inserting the disc into the PS5, and select the on-screen prompt to download and install the game. In addition, PS4 games that have been installed on an external storage drive can also be played on the PS5 – Sony recommends players to use an external drive for PS4 games to free up the PS5’s SSD for next-gen titles.

Digital games that were installed on the PS4 through the PlayStation Store can also be downloaded on the PS5 via the downloads library. For saved files, they can be transferred through the PlayStation Plus cloud storage service or copied from the PS4 onto the PS5 via the use of a USB drive.

The second highlights the two log-in processes on the PS5 for current users, through either manually filling in the standard sign-in ID and password fields or using the new PlayStation app. The second reqiures players to simply scan the QR code that appears on the PS5 sign-in screen.

The video also confirms that players will be able to edit and change their online profiles at any point through the settings tab on the PlayStation 5.

The final video dives into the PS5’s recommended settings, which cover an array of features such as 3D audio, haptic feedback and adaptive triggers. Through the settings icon on the PS5, players will be able to tweak their audio settings to enable or disable 3D audio. Players will also be able to adjust the audio settings to suit their preferred audio profile with five different level settings.

To adjust the haptic feedback and adaptive triggers, players will have to access the controller settings via the Accessories tab. The Vibration and Trigger Effect intensities are set to strong by default, but can be switched to lower levels at any point in time.

Finally, the video also revealed three different power settings for Rest Mode. Optimised Experience will automatically update the console when available, will charge the DualSense controllers while resting, and can turn on the console remotely through the PlayStation App or Remote Play.

Low Power Use mode will turn off several features, not update the system automatically and not charge the controllers. Lastly, the Custom mode will let players create their own settings, giving them the freedom to choose different features to enable or disable while in Rest Mode.

Sony’s PlayStation 5 is set to launch on November 12 in the US, Japan, Canada, Mexico, Australia, New Zealand and South Korea. It will be released on November 19 for the rest of the world.

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