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Here’s Master Chief as a cat DJ in a new Xbox Series X ad by Taika Waititi

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Inspired by the console’s “Power Your Dreams” tagline

Microsoft has released a new ad for the Xbox Series X, helmed by filmmaker Taika Waititi, which is inspired by the console’s “Power Your Dreams” tagline.

The short film is titled ‘Lucid Odyssey’ and stars streamer Krystal Holmes – aka MoonLiteWolf – playing an Xbox Series X before being led into a dream state. Soon, she begins to see neon-outlined rabbits and whales floating above her, before she begins to fly and float around too.

Things get weirder when she heads into space and encounters Halo’s Master Chief DJing. He then takes off his helmet – which has never happed before in the games – to reveal that he was a cat all along, and end with the feline Master Chief dancing along to the beat.

Watch the ‘Lucid Odyssey’ ad below.

According to Microsoft, the short film was based on the real dreams that Holmes had after playing the Xbox Series X. The Xbox team used a method known as Targeted Dream Incubation, which put Holmes into a state of hypnagogia to recall her dreams, to record her dreams.

‘Lucid Odyssey’ is one of two instances of Microsoft using the Targeted Dream Incubation to promote its consoles, the other being a collaboration with NFL player Odell Beckham Jr. Beckham’s dreams were recorded and used to design custom Nike Air Force 1 shoes and wireless Xbox controllers.

Check out a preview of those below.

Players stand a chance to win a pair of the custom Nike shoes and custom Xbox controller from December 11 till December 24 by retweeting the sweepstakes tweets from Xbox’s official account in the coming days.

In October, Black Panther and Get Out actor Daniel Kaluuya starred in another Xbox Series X advertisement, which featured him soaring through time and space, eventually reaching the world of Valhalla before running into Master Chief.

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