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Here’s the official fix for the PlayStation 5’s download queue issue

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Users will have to enter safe mode to rebuild the system’s database

Sony Interactive Entertainment has officially addressed the download queue issue that has plagued several PS5 units since the console’s release.

Users who had been affected by the issue would find the console will be stuck in a “Queued for Download” state, or simply present an error message, after setting a game or application to download.

The PS5 library would then show the download, but with no option for the process to be cancelled or restarted, essentially meaning the application was stuck in limbo. Furthermore, the PS5 store would also tell players that they do not own a game that was affected by the bug and would need to purchase it.

Sony has since taken to Twitter to address the issue. The company noted that players experiencing the issue will have to “update the system software to the latest version, start your PS5 in safe mode then rebuild the database”.

View the tweet below.

Sony also diverted users to its hardware support website, through which it guides players along the safe mode process. Safe mode is a diagnostic mode of a system, designed to help players solve issues within their consoles by rebuilding the storage database, changing the resolution or reverting the console to its factory settings.

To set the PS5 console to safe mode, players will have to turn off the consoles by pressing the power button. Once the system is off, press and hold the power button again, only releasing it upon hearing a second beep – seven seconds after pressing the button. Finally, connect the controller with a USB cable and press the PS button on the controller.

Sony has also recently released the console’s first update. The 858MB patch was released alongside a vague description which states that the “system software update improves system performance”, although the specifics are currently unknown.

Apart from the download queue bug, several users have reported experiencing the system crashing while left in rest mode – especially when Marvel’s Spider-Man Remastered is running in the background.

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