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Hideo Kojima’s ‘PT’ has been remade in ‘Half-Life: Alyx’

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A mod has been created to bring back the beloved horror experience

Hideo Kojima’s beloved horror demo PT has been given a new lease of life in Half-Life: Alyx through a mod by Steam user AmbientDruth.

PT was originally a demo for the ninth instalment of Silent Hills, before the project was ultimately cancelled and the demo was pulled from the PlayStation store. Fans have since rallied together in an attempt to have the game’s development restarted and even started a petition.

You can view the trailer for the cancelled Silent Hills below.

The mod aims to bring back the demo via Half-Life: Alyx, the latest instalment in the Half Life franchise that was specifically designed to be played in virtual reality. This provides fans with an opportunity to experience PT like never before with the addition of a virtual experience.

Since its removal from the PlayStation store, the demo can’t be redownloaded, meaning that only players who have kept the download since its release have access to the original version.

As of now, the project is still a work in progress but already has incorporated the looping corridor effect that made the original so popular. The sound design has also been crafted to resemble the original creation with radio static echoing through the halls and the haunting sounds of the antagonist, Lisa.

You can see a playthrough of the mod below.

Creator AmbientDruth has published the mod on Steam and it’s available to download now. It’s been stated as a work-in-progress but promises updates are coming to incorporate new elements such as clearer textures among other details.

The creator is also encouraging fans to donate in the hope to help speed up the project to completion.

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