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‘Hitman 3’ PC level transfer will be live by end of February

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“In terms of timing, it’s definitely a case of sooner rather than later”

IO Interactive have said that the import level feature, allowing players to transfer content from Hitman 1 and 2 into Hitman 3, will be live by the end of February.

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A post on the Hitman Forum from IO Interactive staff member Travis has provided an update on the situation, saying that IO are “working on the promised solution for allowing PC players to import locations that they already own into HITMAN 3 on Epic.”

Travis continued: “In terms of timing, it’s definitely a case of sooner rather than later.

“Even with the longest estimates we’ve looked at, the solution will be fully rolled out before the end of February. We’ll keep you updated with the next steps.”

IO Interactive had previously promised that players would be able to import levels from the prequel games into Hitman 3 if they owned them, at no extra charge.

This was possible for console players, despite some issues with transferring saves on release due to servers issues, but not for PC Players due to the third game’s release via the Epic Games Store, rather than Steam.

IO guaranteed that PC players would not need to purchase the prequel games saying: “we are continuing to work on a solution with our partners to allow PC players who own the prequel games to import locations from those games in to Hitman 3 at no additional cost.”

Currently the only way to play prequel levels on PC through Hitman 3 is to purchase an Access Pass for £24.99 on the Epic Game Store. Players who own Hitman 1: GOTY Edition on the store are able to download the Hitman 1 access pack for free.

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