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‘Hitman 3’ reportedly performs better on the Xbox Series X over PS5

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Although the PS5 version is said to hold a better framerate

Hitman 3 reportedly runs better on Xbox Series X compared to the PS5.

Gaming analysts, Digital Foundry, recently compiled a report on Hitman 3, comparing the console versions of the game, specifically on next-gen systems. Having spent time with both the Xbox Series X and PS5 versions of the game, it was found that performance is notably better on the former.

The PS5 version is said to run at a 1800p resolution, whilst the Xbox Series X is boosted to a native 4K resolution, still maintaining a solid 60 frames per second (FPS). It’s also cited that the Xbox Series X performance doubles the Xbox One X’s performance of 1440p, and the Xbox Series S only maintains 1080p.

However, the PS5 has been proven to come out on top for delivering a consistent frame rate across the entire experience. While both manage to keep 60FPS most of the time, the Mendoza Argentina level was seen to drop considerably at certain portions on the Xbox Series X, sometimes appearing around to 50 range.

See the full analysis video below:

Hitman 3 has been plagued with a few server issues since its launch yesterday (January 20), as many players eagerly tried to carry over their saves from previous entries into the latest instalment.

Due to the demand, IO Interactive faced server problems and the migration process was unable to be completed. For those who would perform the process at a later date, the game would wipe all progress made before it was done, meaning many were forced to wait.

NME reviewed Hitman 3, calling it “absurd international assassination at its absolute finest”, also citing it as a “great place to start for those new to the series”.

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