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‘Hitman 3’ Speedrun takes just nine seconds to complete

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The incredible feat was accomplished last week

The Hitman 3 level On Top Of The World has been completed in just nine seconds by two Any% speedrunners.

The level, set in Dubai, is famed for its unique architecture, and the early visibility of the targets from Agent 47’s starting point. The speedrun was completed with a very simple premise – running and shooting.

Quick to line up their shots, the two speedrunners accomplished a lot in a very brief time by charging headfirst into the classic hitman level and firing off two shots.

The shots hit the two targets and allowed for successful completion in nine seconds, which beats the previous record by seven seconds. Two Hitman speedrunners, Wreak and Der_Launch_Linus, achieved this goal within days of eachother. They found that Agent 47 has an interesting vantage point at the very beginning of the level if the player knows where to aim.

Catching your targets so early in the game requires some incredible speed, and under the Any% rules, they only have to complete the mission – there is no limit on rating. Known glitches are disallowed, and the speedrun hopefuls must submit their video in its entirety to

Trying for a Hitman speedrun might be easier on an Xbox Series X rather than a PS5, as gaming analysts have recently found it to run faster on the Microsoft console. The release of Hitman 3 has also been marred by some server issues, which prohibited players from migrating their saves properly.

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