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‘Hitman’ devs are working on a ‘James Bond’ game

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The name’s Bond, James Bond

IO Interactive, the team behind the Hitman series, have announced it is working on a James Bond title.

After previously teasing an imminent announcement, all was revealed today (November 19) when the company finally detailed its next project. The developer has revealed that it is working on a James Bond game, currently known as Project 007, although specifics are scarce at the moment.

The developer also noted that the game will be an origin story for the character, as the iconic chracter ventures out to earn their 00 status. It was accompanied by a short trailer, which features iconic James Bond imagery, as well as the franchise’s famous score.

Check out the full announcement below:

An official website for the upcoming James Bond game has also gone live, slightly expanding on the information already revealed, stating the story is “wholly original”. Fans can also sign up for news about the project, however, no official release date or confirmed platforms have been announced yet.

Hitman 3, the latest game to be developed by the company, is also expected to launch in early 2021. It’s previously been mentioned that the game will be more “serious and darker” than past entries. It will also include full PlayStation VR support, allowing players the ability to step in the shoes of the famous assassin.

Nintendo also recently revealed that Hitman 3 will be playable on the Switch next year. While the game would undoubtedly struggle to run on the system, the company aims to work around this with its new cloud-based gaming feature, which is currently available for Control: Ultimate Edition.

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