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Consumer behavior is likely to change later on with many of them claiming they like to eat with the aid of an online ordering service. This trend reversal continues because Millennials can easily adjust online orders.

Just eat clone app is one of the best acquisitions in the food industry, processing more than 12 million orders per month. It works with a simple workflow, which is ordered by customers at Just Eat, which is processed and sent by restaurants.

However, most developers and restaurant owners are aware of the costs of making applications like Just Eat. Here is the answer for you.

Why do you have to make an application like Just Eat?

Before you jump to a topic, you need to know why you need to build the application. Instead of spending on a delivery service like Just Eat, you can develop your own application and website.

Connection fee

If you have a restaurant, you will be charged a connection fee to receive services from the ordering application. This fee applies to add your restaurant’s page and menu to the Just Eat portal.


For every order processed on a food order, a 14-30% commission will be charged. According to a recent report, a single restaurant spends more than 140 euros per month.

Advertising costs

If you are Find more information about ad placement and want to increase orders, you have to spend money on advertising. At peak times, additional fees also apply.

Benefits of Just Eat Clone

Developing your own application and website has many advantages. Here are a few for reference.

Build your brand

You can tailor your application and website to local needs and trends. You can use your own logo, images and other brand details to educate your customers and strengthen your brand. With mobile applications and websites, you can fully control your brand.

Develop a customer base

With Just eat clone apps and websites, you have many opportunities to communicate with customers. You can also advertise your brand on social media and other platforms to attract more customers. Having valuable customer data will help you learn more about your customer, which helps you connect directly with customers and build your business with them.

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