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‘Humankind’ gets new release window of Spring 2021

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The 4X game was originally due out this year

Amplitude Studios has announced a new release window for its highly anticipated 4X game, Humankind.

The game, which was originally scheduled for release sometime this year, will now launch in April 2021. Humankind is now also available for pre-order for PC and Mac, via both Steam and the Epic Games Store. The game will also be released on Google Stadia at launch.

The pre-order will grant players access to the Boudicca Avatar set, which can be used to customise in-game avatar with skins inspired by the legendary Celtic queen. It will also include a pre-purchase decoration and symbol set for the player profile.

A new pre-purchase trailer dropped alongside the release window’s announcement. It showcases the game’s Civilization-esque style gameplayer and stylised graphics, alongside previews of units, buildings and more.

Watch the trailer below.

Players can also try their hand at the Humankind demo, which is available now exclusively on Google Stadia. The trial will let players run through the game’s first two eras, which will last about 100 turns, according to PC Gamer. The demo is free to try and will be available until October 28.

The Civilization-esque Humankind is set to be published by Sega and is being developed by Amplitude Studios, the creator of 4X games such as Endless Space and Endless Legend.

On the other hand, the latest Civilization VI update will add a new Sid Meier’s Pirates!-inspired scenario. When released on October 22, it will pit four players against each other in a “contest for treasure and glory on the high seas”, accompanied by art and assets that have been updated to create a more “tropical, pirate-y atmosphere”.

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