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Innersloth fully unveil the new map coming to ‘Among Us’

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It’s expected to release early next year

Innersloth have released the first real look at the new map from Among Us in action.

The free map will be added to both the PC and mobile early 2021 and is set aboard an airship, after previously being teased via the game’s social media channels last month.

More information has been dropped as a trailer fully dives into the new maps features coming next year. All new tasks are available such as emptying bins and cleaning jewels, while the map itself also presents new obstacles for players to undertake. Players will even be able to choose their own starting position in the map.

Throughout the airship, new traversal techniques such as ladders and floating platforms enable players to reach new areas, along with classic methods such as using vents as the imposter to get around. A new visceral death animation as the poster was also shown off.

Check it out below:

Among Us won big at The Game Awards last night (December 10), taking home Best Multiplayer and Best Mobile game. While the game originally released in 2018, its rising popularity throughout the year has made it one of the biggest games of 2020. It’s also been confirmed to be joining Xbox Game Pass For PC next week.

The game has even been used by Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez to raise awareness of multiple issues. Just recently, AOC raised $200k for eviction defence, food pantries, and more, and previously used the game to encourage more people to vote in the US election.

A new patch for Among Us also recently released, which brought a number of bug fixes and tweaks to the game.

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