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Instagram users are being tricked into believing people have the PS5 early

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It’s all thanks to one users custom made filter

A number of Instagram users have fooled people into believing they got their hands on the PS5 console early.

Thanks to a brand-new filter, which produces a fake PS5 box through augmented reality, users have been tricked into believing some people have got hold of a PS5 ahead of its official release date.

Sony Malaysia originally featured the filter, which has been created by Instagram user @ARoneverything, on its Twitter page, but has since deleted the tweet. The filter’s creator has also recently addressed the filter’s rising popularity. “Hope everyone is having a good time with [the] new AR filter for the PS5 box”, he said while requesting that “everyone to use this ethically and responsibly”.

Check out the filter in action below:

Many gamers have taken to social media to showcase their confusion over the filter, with some noting it took them “half [a] day” to realise it was simply a filter. Meanwhile, others have are considering it a genius use of marketing for Sony.

With the PS5 set for release on November 12, the company has ramped up their marketing campaign and spent the past few weeks releasing a wave of new information. Most recently, many outlets were given the console earlier and uploaded numerous unboxing videos for the system, whilst also delivering early impressions on the new DualSense controller’s integration with Astro’s Playroom.

Outside of the unboxing videos, the company itself has revealed the console’s user interface, backwards compatibility details, and the entertainment applications the system will be arriving on launch day.

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