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Internet reacts to viral videos of smoking Xbox Series X

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After videos of smoke rising from the Xbox Series X circulated the internet

Videos have circulated which show smoke pouring out of the Xbox Series X, prompting horrified – and some entertained – reactions from across the internet.

Users have reported several issues since the launch of the Xbox Series X, as well as concerns about the videos shared on Twitter and Reddit that appear to show smoke rising from the console’s vent.

No mention has been made on what causes the issue or whether the console itself is prone to overheating.

However, it appears the videos may not be entirely accurate. While it’s clear the smoke can be seen raising, it’s been proven that the effect can be easily replicated using a vape.

By simply blowing into the bottom of the console, the vapour rises through the console and out of the vents, simulating the effect that the console itself is on smoking. According to The Verge reporter, Tom Warren, Microsoft is in the process of investigating further.

The news has prompted the many Twitter and Reddit users to joke about the situation with a variety of memes spawned from the video.

Other issues owners have raised appear to be more legitimate and include problems with the console’s disk drive. Many have reported the system to be making a grinding noise, while others have recorded it rejecting disks that are attempted to be inserted.

Xbox Live was also prone to issues on launch day, as many users attempted to log onto their new console. The service temporarily restricted users from logging in, preventing those who had not setup the console from being able to do so.

NME recently reviewed the Xbox Series X and found it to be a “worthy foray into the next console generation, despite the disappointing launch lineup.”

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