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inXile Entertainment introduces ‘Wasteland 3’ factions in new trailer

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A holographic AI of former President Ronald Reagan leads one of the factions

inXile Entertainment has released a new trailer for Wasteland 3, which introduces the game’s many unique factions.

Leading the pack is The Marshals, a force of law and order who serve under the Patriarch Of Colorado. Meanwhile, The Gippers are a heavily-armed religious faction that pray to “god-president” Ronald Reagan, who appears in the game as a Max Headroom-esque holographic AI.

The trailer also previews The 100 Families, a group of wealthy and privileged who are dedicated to rebuilding America. Other factions briefly mentioned in the clip include the Payasos, the Godfishers, the Scar Collectors and the Dorseys.

Watch the trailer below.

The Factions Of Colorado trailer was released exclusively on IGN as part of its ongoing Summer Of Gaming 2020 event. Other games were previewed during the digital festival include RPG The Waylanders, the demon-slaying FPS and a heavy metal rhythm game hybrid Metal: Hellsinger, and the English-language port of Yakuza: Like A Dragon.

inXile Entertainment previously showcased how choices players can make in Wasteland 3 would ripple through time in its latest episode of Dev Diary. “The world is always watching you, always reacting at different times,” studio head Brian Fargo noted.

The company previewed Wasteland 3’s character and combat systems in an earlier episode, which also introduced character duos, an alternative to a traditional protagonist. These are pre-made characters that come fully equipped with unique dialogue as the game progresses.

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