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‘Tron’ gets a collection of items and costumes in ‘Fortnite’

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Players can suit up in an iconic 'Tron Legacy' suit

Tron is the latest property to come to Fortnite, with a selection of skins and items available.

The Tron range was teased on February 11 as a portal to the world of Tron opened up on the island. There was also an audio log from Agent Jonesy.

The audio message described Jonesy getting sucked into a a computer in the manner of the film, with the clip titled MCP-82, a reference to the release date of the film and its main villain, the Master Control Program.

The Tron items that are coming to the game include a costume, a Identity Disk pickaxe, and a Light Cycle glider, heavily inspired by the blue and black colour scheme in the 2010 sequel Tron Legacy.

Costumes come in male and female versions, with a range of available skin tones. Both sets can be equipped with or without helmets, with the male helmet sporting a classic 1982 Tron visor look, whilst the female character gets a more modern take with a fully enclosed helmet.

Costumes cost 1500 V-bucks and come with the Identity Disc material collector, in place of the traditional pick axe.

The Light Cycle glider will cost players 800 V-bucks, and allows players to surf on it as they glide into the island.

The inclusion of Tron makes this the most recent ’80s property to be added to Fortnite in recent months. So far, The Predator skin based on the alien from the title of the same name has been added as a battle pass exclusive, following skins based on The T-1000 and Sarah Connor from Terminator 2.

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