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‘Kingdom Hearts: Melody Of Memory’ is a rhythm game coming this year

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A look into the future of Kingdom Hearts has also been shown

Square Enix has announced Kingdom Hearts: Melody of Memory, a rhythm game coming coming to PS4, Xbox One and Nintendo Switch.

The announcement came paired with a reveal trailer which gives an insight into how the game will play. Players will be able to control series protagonist Sora as he journeys between worlds on a musical adventure.

Accompanying Sora is a host of Disney characters, with the trailer displaying the likes of Hercules and Aladdin coming along for the ride. Many returning characters from the franchise are also set to return.

The game will play across many rhythm-based stages as players hit beats in time with the music, fighting away numerous enemies from the franchise. It seems to very reminiscent to Theatrhythm Final Fantasy, which was also released by Square Enix.

Check out the announcement trailer below.

There was also a trailer called Kingdom Hearts 2020 which provides an insight into what lays ahead for the series over the coming months. Amongst the trailer was a look at the upcoming soundtrack release for the series alongside gameplay for the mobile game Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road which has recently been delayed.

See the Kingdom Hearts 2020 trailer here.

Kingdom Hearts 3 released DLC earlier this year titled ReMind, which expanded the game’s story with additional cutscenes and battles.

Square Enix recently announced Project Athia during the PlayStation reveal event and is exclusive to the console. The game is developed by Luminous Productions who previously worked on Final Fantasy XV.

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