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Latest ‘League of Legends’ patch features minor changes, no champion skins

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“No new skins this PBE cycle, catch y’all next time”

League of Legends latest patch 11.4, has been made available in the Public Beta Environment, and a release date of Thursday February 18 has been confirmed.

Riot Games‘ MOBA got a significant update with its 11.3 patch, which brought players the Lunar Beast event, but 11.4 is set to have less changes overall.

The changes in 11.4, covered by League fan-site Surrender At 20 are currently tentative. They stand for the game in the PBE, but are liable to change before the official patch release.

Champion changes for Katarina, Urgot and Viego are the main meat of the patch so far, and are listed below.

KateyKhaos, a QA for Skins at Riot has confirmed that there will be no skins coming for champions in patch 11.4 off the back of fans making “fake PBE previews” due to the absence of a previews this time.

In other Riot Games news, the company recently shared an update on their anti-cheat processes for Valorant in order to make sure “the grind to the top is valiant, fair, and legitimate.”

The update covered the measures they have taken to combat cheaters, as well as their plans for future changes, that may include “re-calibrating [a players] rating after it may have been impacted by illegitimate players.”

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