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‘League Of Legends’ patch 10.25 brings new champion Rell

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Pantheon will also get a significant rework

Riot Games has outlined details of League Of Legends patch 10.25, which is set for release on December 9.

The patch will be the final release of Season 10, and it features a new champion as well as reworks to two existing champions, along with tweaks to a generous selection of others.

Rell, The Iron Maiden is the new champion, the 152nd to be introduced to the game. The character is a cross between a mage and a tank, and has been positioned as a tank support.

Riot has designed Rell to take advantage of her form-changing abilities, which allow her to swap between a fast and light mounted form and a slow but heavily armoured full plate unmounted form.

In terms of reworks, Pantheon has been nerfed in order to refocus him back to his original design as a top lane hero. His power had seen the character being built as a mid lane and support champion. Moving forwards, his E ability no longer blocks tower shots, and his Q and E moves have seen their empowered bonuses nerfed.

Anivia, one of the oldest heroes in League Of Legends, is also set for some changes, receiving stat boosts across the board with the aim of making her less reliant on the mana-generating Tear Of The Goddess item. The character is currently sitting on a pick rate of less than 1 per cent, and the changes are designed to combat.

Riot’s Mark Yetter took to Twitter to outline the items and champions that are going to receive buffs and nerfs to shake things up. He also suggested that these alterations could be subject to change before the patch locked down.

Riot Games also recently made a big change to Valorant, their first non-League Of Legends game, disabling the agent Killyjoy due to a game-breaking bug, which makes her turret invulnerable on the map Haven.

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