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‘League Of Legends’ patch 11.2 set to bring seven new skins

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No new Champion this time, though

The second League Of Legends patch of 2021 has just released tentative patch notes. Patch 11.2 is due to go live on January 21 but

While some details of the pre-release notes are subject to change from Riot Games, they give a good indication of what will be coming soon. Though there is no new Champion, there are a lot of changes due to hit the game soon.

The League Of Legends patch notes were revealed by Surrenderat20.

Riot was not expected to add a new Champion to League Of Legends this early into the patch cycle, but several new skins are arriving. A full list can be found below, and all skins in this patch will cost 1350 RP.

The 11.2 patch will also bring new Chroma options for these skins, as well as new summoner icons and emotes for use across the game.

The patch is expected to include balancing buffs and nerfs, although these have not been revealed yet. Patch 11.1, released earlier this month, buffed Gnar, Karma, Qiyana, Ryze, and Xayah. Meanwhile, Fiddlesticks, Master Yi, and Pantheon were nerfed.

In late 2020, two separate League Of Legends patches added Seraphine and Rell as Champions. However, the former was controversial, with Riot using mental health as a marketing device, and being forced to deny accusations Seraphine had been plagiarised from a real person.

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