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‘League Of Legends’: Seraphine is getting a position change

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The developer sees her as a mid-laner rather than a support character

League Of Legends‘ newest champion Seraphine is getting a position change less than a week after her release.

Riot Games frequently tweaks the stats of all its League Of Legends champions, playing with the meta to ensure the game never gets stale. It’s a common part of the game that players are well used to by now, though it is unusual for a champion to be changed so soon after release.

There are no serious issues with Seraphine, however. There’s no exploit which makes her particularly vulnerable, no attack which makes her OP, and no glitches. Instead, she is currently being used mainly as a Support character when Riot Games sees her “primary position” as a mid-laner.

In order to push her toward what Riot Games sees as her true role, the developer is set to tweak her abilities in an upcoming patch. Seraphine’s Beat Drop will be buffed against minions but debuffed against fellow champions, with increased mana regeneration rates.

These changes don’t necessarily stop Seraphine from playing the Support position. They just make her a much more viable Mid Laner. Hopefully, this is an update that works for everyone. The patch goes live next Wednesday (November 11).

Seraphine had a long and drawn out reveal, one which tied into League’s semi-fictional band K/DA. The legend officially joined the League Of Legends roster on October 29, alongside the launch of patch 10.22.

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