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LEGO showcases its full upcoming ‘Super Mario’ range

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“We hope that people can create various different Mario worlds and continue enjoying”

A LEGO Super Mario toy line is coming this summer and the full range of sets available at launch has been revealed.

LEGO and Nintendo partnered up earlier this year and announced that a Super Mario series of toys would be coming later in 2020. The announcement revealed the starter pack as well as two expansion sets coming on August 1.

A further eight expansion sets have now been unveiled to be arriving on the same day, featuring classic series characters such as Yoshi and King Boo. Additionally, the companies have also confirmed that ten collectable enemy characters are available via blind bag Character Packs. These packs will contain a random buildable enemy that can be used to decorate the main set and there’s ten to collect.

A new trailer has been released providing a look at the new wave of incoming products, including a set dedicated to Toad and another to enemies such as Piranha Plant.

Check out all the newly revealed expansion sets in the trailer below.

LEGO Super Mario is built around the idea of interactivity and playing out like a physical level from the games. The aim is to get Mario through the course built, collect coins and reach the end. LCD screens and a speaker inside Mario will bring him to live as he’s transported across the stages. Expansion sets purchased will extend the experience longer.

Power-Up suits will give Mario additional moves to use across the sets and are available to purchase separately. The sets will decorate Mario in a variety of outfits from his many adventures. These range from Mario’s fire outfit to the catsuit and the abilities from the suits can be used across the many sets.

Takashi Tezuka, Executive Officer and Game Producer of Nintendo spoke about the new expansion packs saying that “each player’s preferences and imagination are different. By adding already owned LEGO bricks onto the Starter Course, and different LEGO Super Mario expansion sets, we hope that people can create various different Mario worlds and continue enjoying them indefinitely.”

The LEGO Super Mario line is set to release on August 1 and can be purchased on the official LEGO website.

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