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Listen: new ‘Apex Legends’ Loba audio clip unveils more of her story

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Loba and Revenant’s feud finally comes to a dramatic head

Fans of Apex Legends have been given more insight into Loba Andrade’s story in a brand new audio clip. This comes months after she was added to the game’s roster.

The new clip reveals more about her feud with another Apex Legend, called Revenant. It discloses that Loba had found Revenant’s source code and with it, had the opportunity to kill him and end his misery. However, she’s decided to prolong his suffering instead by sending the code far away, where it’ll become untraceable. The two then clash, but Loba manages to come out on top.

The clip is set to two pieces of fan art by Fragment, a member of the Apex Legends fan community. Listen to it below.

Loba Andrade – introduced in Season 5 of Apex Legends – joined the Apex Games to seek revenge against Revenant, who tragically killed her parents when she was just eight years old. Loba’s reveal also showed that she was recruited by Hammond Robotics, who had promised her Revenant’s source code in exchange for Ash – an upcoming Apex Legend.

Along the way, Loba discovered that Revenant was desperately hoping for her to find his source code and destroy it, killing him forever and putting an end to his otherwise immortal life. Since her release, players have been clamouring for more information about Loba’s backstory and her quest for revenge.

In other Apex Legends news, the game’s most popular characters were revealed late last month. Wraith ranked as the most commonly picked character, followed by Blooodhound and Horizon. Octane clocked in as the fourth most popular character, and season one stalwart Lifeline claimed the final slot.

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