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London Underground gets Sony revamp for PS5 launch

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Several Tube stations have also had their names changed

Oxford Circus Tube Station has been emblazoned with the iconic PlayStation symbols in a 48-hour creative marketing stunt for the PS5.

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At each of the street-level entrances, the classic Tube circle has been switched up to include the DualSense Controller buttons in a marketing move that celebrates the launch of the PS5. Inside the station, the Oxford Circus wall adornments have been given a similar treatment – also sporting the button symbols.

Although this is the only station to be so completely decked out for the PS5 launch, others have been rebranded with PlayStation-related names that will last until December 16.

Lancaster Gate is now ‘Ratchet and Clankaster Gate’, Mile End is now ‘Miles End’, West Ham is ‘Horizon Forbidden West Ham’, and Seven Sisters will be temporarily known as ‘Gran Turismo 7 Sisters’.

The four shapes are immediately recognisable as symbols of Sony’s console. TfL has a history of rebranding its stations to advertise events and products. To support Amazon Prime’s release of Star Trek: Picard, for example, Piccadilly Station rebranded as ‘Picardilly’, with matching insignia.

Some fans have noticed that Sony might also have thrown some subtle shade at Microsoft with the campaign. One Twitter user noticed one of the replaced Oxford Circus signs current sits right outside the Microsoft building:

For the release of the PS4, Sony rebranded the OXO tower with the four-button symbols so this stunt is part of a long campaign of creative advertising. Although many people will not be using the Tube due to coronavirus restrictions, the campaign has already had a sizeable impact on Twitter.

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