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‘Mario Kart Wii’ streamer sets world record using ‘crazy’ shortcut

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The shortcut was previously considered impossible without cheats

Twitch streamer ArthurMKW has broken the world record for Mario Kart Wii’s Rainbow Road track by using the hardest shortcut in the game.

The Rainbow Road track on Mario Kart Wii has two shortcuts – one that is used consistently in speedrunning attempts, and one that has never been achieved before without exploits. Arthur’s world record was set by somehow utilising the never-before-used shortcut to skip most of the track.

Setting a speedrunning record in a game is done by beating the previous time held – often using exploits and glitches to advance yourself through the game. Occasionally there will be rules restricting these advancements, but in this case the shortcut was entirely above-board and featured as an official Mario Kart shortcut.

In theory, anyone can find this shortcut, but it has yet to be used in a vanilla copy of the game by anyone other than Arthur. Historically, Rainbow Road has always been the most difficult course to complete, so Arthur’s Mario Kart accomplishment was received with some admiration on Reddit. His time shaved off 10 seconds from the previous record, as he was slow and steady for his final lap in order to keep the record safe.

Elsewhere in Nintendo news, Pokemon Diamond And Pearl remake rumours persist, this time suggesting a date for the official announcement. There are always plenty of rumours circling the franchise, but assertions about this specific release are now compounded by several sources.

A Nintendo Direct has also been speculated for February 27, which means this could be the day Pokemon Diamond And Pearl gets the announcement.

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